Allow Yourself to Exit Their Narrative

For many of us the last few years have been years of change and transformation. But as we grow there’s always someone who wants to rewrite our interactions to fit their personal narrative of us.Some people make us the villain of their story because they need us to that. It’s what gives them the power, pity and attention.

For those of you feel bound in those narratives, It’s okay for you to exit their narratives. Every day we get an opportunity to write a new story, to create something that we love in our lives but with every good and pure act comes resistance.

Just as you have the ability to exit a room when the environment is not conducive to your needs, you are also allowed to exit people’s narratives.

When there are false narratives floating around about you, the temptation is it fight back and correct those narratives. That’s a distraction. Your character of kindness, generosity and compassion will precede you and expose the rotting foundations of other’s words.

When we get caught up trying to edit or correct someone else’s story of us, we miss opportunity to intentionally create a narrative that’s congruent with our values. Spend time on your own narrative. Ignore the narratives about you that are rooted in hate. You know a seed by it’s fruit. When the harvest comes, it’ll be easy to discern what was sown in hate and what was sown in love.

Be encouraged friend , no one gets to define you but you and the Almighty.

Until The Circle Comes Back Around,



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