Are You Seeking The Right Affirmation?

Letting go of certain habits and ideas can be difficult, what even harder is discovering what is worth holding on to. As I’ve spent time sifting through the things in my personal routine that are worth keeping and the things that are not, I’ve picked up a habit of affirming myself as much as I can. I don’t mean just in my head or in my heart, I’m talking out loud (literally).  

I’ve quickly realized how easy it is to fall victim to needing the wrong type of verbal affirmation. You can tell the difference between seeking authentic affirmation and harmful affirmation by evaluating the contexts in which you seek it. For example, seeking affirmation from people who know you intimately in some capacity, is a healthy way to receive love, because that person is speaking into who you are. Seeking affirmation from people who don’t know you intimately and have little context for your life (likely on social media) unhealthily allows people to speak into who you appear to be.

I’ll be honest: I’ve backed away from Instagram for several personal reasons. But I’d be lying if I said one of them wasn’t because I realized I was seeking the wrong kind of affirmation.  During my IG hiatus, I’ve made a practice of affirming myself, reminding myself that all the validation I need exists within me through the Holy Spirit.

I’m intelligent, I move intentionally, I’m innovative and as compassionate as they come. I feel those things about myself more deeply now than ever. That’s because my validation comes from a source that never ends and refreshes me every morning from a well that never runs dry.

What kind of affirmation have you been seeking friend? In what ways can you be better about affirming yourself?

Until The Circle Comes Back Around,

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