Busy-ness is Killing Your Creativity

Every time I go on vacation I make sure to have lots of sun, fun and relaxation. I gain so much from just resting but one thing, in particular, I always gain is perspective. My time away from sessions and paperwork awakened me to the reality that boredom is a creatives best friend “What are you trying to say Kobe?” I’m saying busy-ness has been killing my creativity and I had no clue.

My last vacation was cruise, for you frequent cruisers like myself, you know there are only so many things you can do on a cruise and once I hit my quota of physical rest (this was like day 3) my brain was busy with ideas, thoughts, and creativity. I was honestly a little overwhelmed with all the things I came up within such a short time. I found myself asking God what he was doing and his response was: “ What I’m always trying to do when you honor rest: feed your creativity”  

How many of us want to be a flourishing creative, but not the bored one? We want to be “Booked and Busy” but never bored, and that has to change. Our brain need time to recuperate from stressful days, problem solving, and expectations. When we get that rest, we can be rewarded with innovation and creativity.

My last vacation was a reminder that boredom is a creative's playground, a playground that requires space and time. Real space and time. Not the 10-minute break between tasks but space where other tasks aren’t even considered.

That space you may be struggling to make could be the same environment were God deposits that life-changing idea, insight into breaking generational curses, or wisdom pertaining to an important task. But if you don’t make the space, you don’t get the reward Let's make the space.

Here's to letting God reward our sabbath with the fullness of his creativity.

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