Resistance Creates Strength

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Fall has always seemed like a season of resistance to me. A season where I’ve had to figure out if the things I fervently wrote down in January are still worth committing to until December. This year, I’m learning how to lean into the resistance I felt when I tried again and again and again to start my business with what felt like no success. I had to allow the the challenge of the unforeseen circumstances, emotional fatigue, a broken heart and the sudden loss create something in me immediate success could never provide.

The resistance I experienced when we pursued a life God set aside for me was meant to strengthen me to follow through and maintain. Some of us didn’t know that we only had the energy to start the business, but not to run it. Thank God that he let me fail enough to develop perseverance to start and finish strong. Even if this isn’t your story. There’s a part of my journey can be found in anyone’s. The resistance I experienced was creating in me exactly what I need to live life the way God intended me to: with perseverance.

What areas are you experiencing resistance in friend ? What is that resistance creating in you? Whatever it is, it’s exactly what you need to complete what God has called you to do.

Until The Circle Comes Back Around,



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