STOP: Give The Best of Yourself Not the Rest of Yourself ft. REEDS Jewelers

So I'm officially back on the interweb. 2019 was truly a year of crazy trials and crazy favor. Toward the end of the year I found myself avoiding reflecting on all that the year had been so I decided to take a social media hiatus ( because who among us can resist scrolling through hilarious memes? Definitely not me!). I’ve been off of Social media for the last 6 weeks and realized pretty quickly that I wasn't prioritizing myself at all. Not my healing, not what God was doing in my life, not even my family. I was in "go mode" since opening my practice and the holidays made space and time for me to process some hard and amazing things but was avoiding it (surprise, surprise). I needed to stop going. I needed to recalibrate and decide what kind of patterns I was going to begin 2020 with. So that's what I did.

Like most of us, it took a while for me to commit to the change. I needed a reminder to actually stick to my goal of slowing down, that's why I’m loving and REED’s Jewelers STOP Collection. It's a visual reminder for me to take care of myself. It's lightweight, stunning and is the perfect addition to any outfit, a perfect "Treat yo' self" gift.

In 2020, my goal is to give God the best of me, not the rest of me. That means slowing down on the screen time and setting new standards. In the last 6 weeks, I started a Facebook group The Inner Circle (an amazing group of women committed to taking care of their mental and spiritual health), went vegan (nope I don't miss meat...yet) and have poured my heart into the reboot of The Healing Circle Podcast which launches in just a few weeks! Who knew that stopping could produce so many amazing things?

If you need a reminder to care for yourself first, Check out REEED’s stunning STOP collection at your local REED’s Jewelers or here !

How do you plan to hold yourself accountable to self-care in 2020?

Until The Circle Comes Back Around,



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