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As an experienced therapist, media expert, speaker, and educator, Kobe specializes in helping people understand what trauma is and how it affects every part of their lives. From hosting her own mental health workshops and retreats to providing schools and universities with training on how to respond to students in crisis Kobe loves to teach people how to recover their sense of self through applying healing principles to every aspect of life. Through her preaching and teaching, Kobe has helped churches and religious organizations adopt a gospel-centered perspective of mental health and loves consulting for ministries as they seek to provide mental and emotional support for their congregants. Whether you have a business, religious organization, or academic environment that needs assistance with understanding and implementing mental health and wellness principles, Kobe would be honored to serve you.

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Leadership Development

Kobe is incredibly passionate about teaching organizational leaders and managers how to effectively connect with employees and volunteers in a way that promotes mental wellness as a core tenant of their company culture

Mental Health Keynote 

Kobe draws out the complexities of everyday situations and extracts core truth and wisdom that are novel to even the most experienced of mental health professionals. Her wisdom, knowledge, and vulnerability make her the perfect keynote speaker for mental health departments,  organizations, non-profits and events

Mental Health Sermons and Trainings for Churches

Kobe Has a gift of clarifying the biological, emotional, and mental universal truths that are found both in scripture and in the study of psychology and mental health.

With a degree in Christian Counseling from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Kobe specializes in teaching churches and religious organizations how to see God in mental and emotional struggles as they hope to do the same with the people they serve

Mental Health Workshops

Kobe provides virtual and in-person mental health workshops for groups and  organizations of all types as they seek to rediscover how to live truly and authentically

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with a kind, compassionate, energetic, and vulnerable tone, Kobe communicates to the hearts and minds of her audience so they can experience transformations


Kobe shared a powerful sermon at New Beginning Christian Church in Wilmington, NC


Kobe sat down with best-selling author Ty Alexander about healing and restoration.


Kobe is highly sought out as a trauma specialist who specializes in conceptualizing mental and emotional health through the lens of faith. 


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